1. Caption contest: What is this fish saying?

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    send your pics at pedlow@wupics.com
  4. cloudminty answered: "Feed me Seymour"
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  7. soviet--unicorn answered: (bad joke fish haha) WHAT’D THE FISH SAY WHEN HE RAN INTO A WALL? dam.
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  13. isyouhero answered: BLERGH
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  17. woodox-earthtaurus answered: Come closer little fish.
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    Help! I am drowning! Take my fin!
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  20. iamthecuttlefishqueen answered: Hey Joey, have you seen my sandwich?
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  27. 42isit answered: Mama ,. Happy Mother’s day ! Whats for lunch ?
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  41. simob-universe answered: i don’t know. i dont speak fish
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  44. kaiyves answered: Summerrrrrrrrr!
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