1. On March 16 the Greek cargo vessel MS Olivia carrying soya beans ran aground off Nightingale Island, part of the Tristan da Cunha island group in the South Atlantic Ocean. By March 18 the ship had broken in two and sank, spilling its fuel oil into the ocean.

    Any oil spill is a horrible situation but what makes this one particularly devastating is that the Tristan de Cunha island group is home to large concentrations of several populations of sea birds, including Great Shearwaters, broad-billed prions, Atlantic yellow-nosed albatross, white-bellied storm petrels and sooty albatross. These islands are also home to several population of endangered sea birds that are endemic (found no where else) to the area. These birds include the speckled petrel and the Tristan bunting. Nightingale Island is home to half the world population of endangered northern rockhopper penguins.

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