1. Visitor Video: Those fur seals are always up to something! And sometimes it’s just a charming moment.

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  2. Boston Marathon: Look for these shirts on the course tomorrow

    We’re super proud of our runners and we can’t wait to cheer them on during tomorrow’s Boston Marathon. Join us—give a cheer to these folks helping to inspire the next generation of ocean stewards!

    Get to know some of the runners. Recognize anyone? See someone representing your home town? 

  3. Want a peppy way to start the day? Watch this trailer!

    Want to make your day even awesomer? Come see the whole film on New England’s largest movie screen. Island of Lemurs: Madagascar 3D is now playing at the Aquarium’s IMAX theatre.

  4. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, wherever you are! #moon #jellies

  5. Hello, foxface.

    This is a bicolor foxface (Siganus uspi.). There are several of the same genus in the Pacific Reef Community, but only one of each. They all have the same body shape but different color patterns. The cool thing about this species is they are endemic to Fiji!  

    Come see if you can spot the differences. Here are some visiting tips during the busy April school vacation crunch.

  6. Oh, these lemurs will leap, sing and dance straight into your heart.  

    You’ll see.

  7. Photography is hard

    But even a blurry mess can be beautiful when you’re taking pictures of a tropical reef. Come visit. And bring your camera.

  8. Scarred for life

    This whale, spotted recently during a New England Aquarium Whale Watch, has just been identified as Sedge. That funky notch in its dorsal fin is an unfortunate reminder of the threats whales face in today’s oceans. Entanglement in fishing gear, as likely happened to Sedge, can deeply scar and sometimes kill whales.  

  10. School vacation is around the corner

    Come commune with the frisky fur seals this April school vacation! But first, take a gander at these handy visiting tips. Tip one: Buy your tickets online!

  11. Divers Down

    Join the expedition to the Bahamas where Aquarium divers were looking for copper sweeps and needlefish.

  12. Visitor Pictures: Can you spot the seahorse?

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  14. Do you think the Aquarium scuba divers were excited to see this turquoise blue water when they arrived in the Bahamas?

    See some pretty sweet underwater pictures from a recent expedition to the Bahamas.

  15. Today the Aquarium community joined the City of Boston for a moment of silence. A flotilla of boats—including a New England Aquarium Whale Watch vessel—then sounded their horns in rememberence of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon one year ago. 

    Our hearts go out to the families affected by the bombings, and we look forward to cheering our team of runners—and all the runners—across the finish line next Monday.