1. Guess who: You’ll find this “mystical” fish in the Pacific Reef exhibit at the Aquarium. It’s about 10 inches long with a narrow, oval-shaped body. And it’s quite pretty, if you ask us.

    What kind of fish is this?

  2. Visitor Pictures: Myrtle the turtle soars through the Giant Ocean Tank.

    Photo: nerdrvt

  3. This scallop is watching you with all those blue eyes #animalfacts #scallops #blueeyes

  4. Weaving eel grass: New England Aquarium live blue™ Ambassadors recently helped with an eel grass restoration project in Boston Harbor. 

    Read all about their effort on the Seagrass Soundings blog.

  5. Naming contest winners!

    There are two female manta rays that were recently tagged as part of a research project funded by the Aquarium’s Marine Conservation Action Fund. The Aquarium community recently helped name them. There were tons of awesome suggestions, but the winning names are just the winningest. These names are super inspiring!

  6. Visitor Pictures: Cannot. Stop. Ourselves. 

    So much. Reblogging. Of nerdrvt's beautiful pictures from the Aquarium.

  7. If you had flippers: Dive into the seal exhibit for a unique perspective from Chacoda the harbor seal. WATCH video here.

  8. ICYMI: Right whale researchers in Maine 

    Aphrodite, a N. Atlantic right whale beloved by the Aquarium team, treated the researchers to some acrobatics during their second successful survey on the water back in August. See what else they spotted during their day on the water.

  9. Reblogging a gem from our YouTube archives. And if you like this one, check out this latest clip from Chuck’s GoPro harness.

    (Source: youtube.com, via therealboston)

  10. Mondays. This fish gets it. Come look for this fellow among the anemones and sea peaches and trash (yep, our harbor exhibit has trash just like, unfortunately, the real harbor) in our Northern Waters exhibits. #mondays #fish #trashy

  11. The Aquarium has several bonded pairs of penguins. They do cute stuff like groom each other and hang out together.

    Bring your lovebird to the Aquarium this weekend.

  12. Visitor Pictures: They may look sweet and docile, but have you ever seen seahorses wrestle?

    Photo: boogerbrains

  13. Ever wanted to visit the Amazon Rainforest? Here’s your chance, and you can leave the bug spray at home. Piranhas, anacondas and hundreds of freshwater creatures. At the New England Aquarium.

  14. The many sides of the seadragons

    There are two species of seadragon at the Aquarium—and, in fact, in the world: leafy (Phycodurus eques) and weedy (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus). These slow-moving swimmers rely on camouflage to avoid predators. They’re pretty good at it.

  15. Visitor Pictures: The underside of a sea cucumber. 

    Photo: gregjw