1. Hey locals, free lecture! Along our New England shores, we have rolling meadows of kelp full of crabs, lobsters and more. But it’s not just us. Kelps beds, meadows, and forests are found in one quarter of the world’s coastal areas. But these big beautiful cold water algae have started to respond to changes in water temperatures and wave action.

    Join us this Thursday, October 23, at 7pm to learn more about what kelps means for you and what changes may be in store for the future.

    Photo: Brian Skerry, Aquarium Explorer in Residence, via New England Ocean Odyssey

  2. Sponsoring a right whale (like Piper here, she’s a mom) is a great way to support the research beautifully described in a recent cover article by The Christian Science Monitor Weekly.

    Links and links here 

  3. The Banggai cardinalfish in the living corals exhibit

  4. No winter coat needed. This harbor seal has all the blubber it needs. Here are some differences between harbor seals and the other seals at the Aquarium.

  5. "Surprisingly, the recent decade-long burst of designating large marine-protected areas around the world has some of its principal roots in Boston." — Nigella Hillgarth, New England Aquarium President

    Find links to read Nigella’s opinion piece from The Boston Globe.

  6. There are two loggerhead sea turtles in the Giant Ocean Tank, plus a green and a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle. #turtle #swim #oceans

  8. So, this is still happening on Stellwagen Bank. #whales #whalewatching #feeding

  9. A right whale named Sawtooth: The Aquarium’s right whale research team headed out for a couple days at sea. They spotted this familiar fluke. 

    Read more about their scientific journey here.

  10. Beware the lionfish: That array of beautiful spines packs a venomous punch. Not only that, but they are invasive menaces on Caribbean reefs. Thus, they have a well-deserved slot on our Halloween countdown of the blue planet’s creepiest critters.

    See one in our Armed and Venomous Exhibit today.

  11. A scarlet psolus: Find this frilly sea cucumber with the foot of an anemone in the Northern Waters gallery. #animals #sealife #oceans

  12. Visitor Pictures: Did you know the octopus’s name is Elvira? She decided to come out and play.

    Photo: e-sharp

  13. Cleaning crew: Cleaning the harbor seal exhibit, you know, just your average Friday morning #Friday #seals #scubadiver

  15. Visitor PicturesEdge of the Sea tidepool touch tank, where you’ll find some really gorgeous anemones. That you can touch! Thanks for sharing your pics, Pradeep Prabhu.