1. Need a penguin fix? We can help. Come to the Aquarium and meet one of our penguin biologists. You’ll find out what it’s like to work with baby penguins, like this guy.

  2. From baby blue to robust orange, visit the Aquarium and you’ll find many shades of lobster in our lobster nursery.

    (Pssst. They’re also pretty adorable. Just like adult lobsters, just miniature.)

  3. Three’s company: The scrawled filefish patrol the top of the Giant Ocean Tank, often together. 

    These aren’t the only species of filefish in the exhibit. Meet the unusual-looking orange filefish.

  4. Visitor Picture: The detail and zoom of this lovely picture might make you think these are sizable seahorses. They’re not. In fact, these are some of the smallest seahorses in the world!

    Photo: nerdrvt

  5. Visitor Pictures: Uhm, sea jelly gifs? Sh’yah.

    Images: ddesignimator

  6. This is what ocean exploration looks like

    Come get your hands wet at the New England Aquarium and meet some of our neighbors from the deep blue.

  7. We’re all about penguins this summer. You can see rockhopper, African and little blue penguins at the Aquarium right now. Hit up the Penguin Blog to learn more about others species around the globe, like yellow-eyed penguins.  

    (Photos: Ville Miettinen, Christian Mehlführer and Bartux via Commons)

  8. How’s your mouse movin’ today? 

    Please take a second to click over and vote for the New England Aquarium in the 10Best readers poll. You can vote every day until August 18!

  9. Picasso triggerfish from the Pacific Reef Community. In other news, there needs to be a filter that makes animals look as awesome on Instagram as they do in real life. #fish #beautiful #boston

  10. Penguin in the City

    Roast Beef may be full grown, but he’s young at heart. That’s why you’ll find him at the Boston Children’s Museum today at 1pm! Be one of the first 10 people to prove your penguin prowess at the event and you could win passes to the Aquarium, where you can explore the secret world of penguins! Just remember: it takes African penguins 70 days to be full grown. 

  11. Visitor Pictures: Cuttlefish cuties, indeed! 

    Photo: moshpit-panda

  12. Cloudy? These folks have the right idea. It’s a great day to visit the Aquarium!

  13. Where’s the Beef? Did you know penguin chicks are full grown in a matter of days? Like 70 days. That fact could land you Aquarium passes if you’re among the first 10 people to find Roast Beef the penguin tomorrow! He’ll be channeling his inner kid somewhere super fun in Boston. Check back here in the morning to find out where!

    More details

  14. Visitor Video: Ah youth. The young fur seals are always up to something. Just glad this visitor had their camera rolling when these “big sea dogs” were frisking!

    Video: palominofeather

  15. Visitor Pictures: The lighting in the moon jellies exhibit waxes and wanes from deep blue to soft white. It’s dramatic, always.

    Photo: rasvanp