1. Explore the secret world of penguins. At the New England Aquarium.

  2. Visitor Pictures: Good night, Leidy’s comb jellies, your brainless blobs, you. Photo credit: perhapsthat

  3. Ophidiophobes (people afraid of snakes) need not to worry. This new resident of the Giant Ocean Tank is not a sea snake, it’s a snake eel. And isn’t it pretty?!

    Read the Divers Blog to find out where to look for this handsome eel and when feeding time happens every day.

  4. It’s official. The bill has been signed and the trade of shark fins in Massachusetts is banned. See more pictures and learn how a 9 year-old kid spearheaded the passing of this bill.

  5. Massachusetts is the ninth state to pass bill banning shark fin trade.

    Learn more about the bill and the threat posed by shark finning on marine ecosystems worldwide in an article in today’s Boston Globe.

    Photo credit: Brian Skerry // file

  6. Visitor Pictures: This visitor was inspired by all the colors found throughout the Aquarium. What inspires you when you visit Central Wharf?

    (Source: luckyish)

  7. And speaking of frogs… Just had to share this awesome visitor picture we found on Instagram. (Have found us on Instagram yet?)

    Plan a visit to spot a spotty poison dart frogs in the Amazon Rainforest exhibit.

  8. Can you spot the poison dart frog? From toothy piranha to enormous anaconda to teensy frogs, don’t overlook the Amazon Rainforest exhibits at the Aquarium!

    Plan a visit today

  9. Southern stingray: The divers sometimes slip a yummy shrimp against the glass so visitors can see this smiley face during mealtime

  10. Bat star: These echinoderms come in vibrant colors, like pinks and oranges. But have you ever seen their tender under bellies vibrating with tube feet? Yup, you can see this at the Aquarium.

  11. Visitor Pictures: The baby right whale skeleton on display hanging above the penguin exhibit is looking quite dramatic here

    (Source: sam-mccrmck)

  12. Visitor Pictures: The rockhopper penguins get their name because, well, they have amazing hopping abilities. That’s how they can get up to the top of their rocky island, after all!

    (Source: myowntwoshoes)

  13. Visitor Pictures: From tiny hermit crabs to the 550-lb green sea turtle, visitors can explore all corners of our blue planet right here in downtown Boston.

    (Source: sompnolent)

  14. Sunshine and seals: It’s a flat-out gorgeous day on Boston Harbor. Come visit the harbor seals, fur seals and sea lions at the Aquarium and soak in views of the harbor! #seals #boston #beautiful

  15. Blacknose sharks patrolling the reef. There are three of this species in the tank, plus two bonnethead sharks. You should see feeding time! #sharks #animals