1. Visitor Pictures: These animals are always popular in our hands on tidepool touch area, where visitors ask some really great questions.

    Learn about the stars of the sea through their questions—because they’re the most popular echinoderm in at the Edge of the Sea!

    (Source: daemon-limbs)

  2. Annabelle is a nearly-9-year-old aspiring marine biologist (since she was five!). She enjoyed the very generous time each of the educators gave her, talking about their jobs and research, and encouraging her to stay the course. 

    Come give your aspiring ocean protector an up-close look at our blue planet. Buy your timed ticket online. And check out these visiting tips.

  3. Aquarium teen educators rubbed elbows with environmental and local leaders for Earth Day—including U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, EPA head Gina McCarthy, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Energy Secretary Ernst Muniz.

    Learn more about this special Earth Day event, where the Aquarium’s president was recognized with a special award from the EPA!

  4. Update: 31 Endangered Sea Turtles Released

    While most of us slept, the Sea Turtle Trek headed down the East Coast and made it to Florida this morning for the most perfect Earth Day celebration: Releasing 31 healthy sea turtles back into the wild.

    See more pictures from today’s release

  5. Earth Day Event

    Teen educators with the New England Aquarium shared important information about climate change, ocean acidification, sea level rise and other pressing environmental issues today. The significant political star power in attendance included U.S. Senator Ed Markey, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, U.S Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

    See more pictures of the event.

  6. Whale Watch Log: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for whale watchers. A skim-feeding right whale circles the boat and give passengers a look at a critically endangered and wholly amazing animal. Read more on the Whale Watch Log.

  7. Sea Turtle Trekking

    The Aquarium’s marine animal rescue crew headed south and they are releasing 31 turtles in celebration of Earth Day! These turtles—like this endangered loggerhead here—were all rehabilitated this winter after being plucked from Cape Cod beaches, cold and sick last fall.

    Learn about the start of their journey south.

  8. Visitor Pictures: Jellies are always very soothing to watch. Hope our runners in the Boston Marathon today get to can channel the peaceful pulses of these swimmers when they’re getting tight on the course. 

    (Source: worldthroughmycameralens)

  9. Good luck to our New England Aquarium marathon team!

    Our runners are coursing to the finish line right now, and we couldn’t be more proud. Give them a waa-hoo if you see their beautiful blue shirts!

    And after you’ve cheered for all the runners, head on down to the Aquarium to see the swimmers.

  10. Visitor Video: Those fur seals are always up to something! And sometimes it’s just a charming moment.

    (Source: fearthio-thenewplanet)

  11. Boston Marathon: Look for these shirts on the course tomorrow

    We’re super proud of our runners and we can’t wait to cheer them on during tomorrow’s Boston Marathon. Join us—give a cheer to these folks helping to inspire the next generation of ocean stewards!

    Get to know some of the runners. Recognize anyone? See someone representing your home town? 

  12. Want a peppy way to start the day? Watch this trailer!

    Want to make your day even awesomer? Come see the whole film on New England’s largest movie screen. Island of Lemurs: Madagascar 3D is now playing at the Aquarium’s IMAX theatre.

  13. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, wherever you are! #moon #jellies

  14. Hello, foxface.

    This is a bicolor foxface (Siganus uspi.). There are several of the same genus in the Pacific Reef Community, but only one of each. They all have the same body shape but different color patterns. The cool thing about this species is they are endemic to Fiji!  

    Come see if you can spot the differences. Here are some visiting tips during the busy April school vacation crunch.

  15. Oh, these lemurs will leap, sing and dance straight into your heart.  

    You’ll see.